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Forced Bisexual Cuckold Husband

My wife kisses her black stud, she says it’s my duty to get his BBC hard, so he can penetrate her. She forces me to keep sucking his cock until she says it’s time to stop.

Sometimes she turns her lover on so much that he can’t hold back and he blows his load in my mouth. I must say I don’t like that very much, its better to eat the cum out of my wife’s pussy after her bull has given her a creampie.

Because I told my wife that I wanted to be involved with her again sexually, she granted my wish but not in the way I expected. It was difficult to be cut off from having sex with her, knowing that she was fucking around with BBC men. I literately begged her to let me back into her bed, begging her to let me be her lover once again.

Now I am involved in her sexual life again, but in a strange twisted forced-bi way. My job is making sure she and her interracial bulls have wonderful orgasms. She makes me do all sorts of things I would never have dreamed of doing, such as sucking cock her lover’s cock while he makes out with my wife. Sometimes when his cock is in my mouth I feel a throb. I know he’s going to cum in my mouth again.


First Time Cuckold & Sloppy Seconds Creampie

My first time being cuckolded was also my first time I had sloppy seconds. My girlfriend and I were at a party, she invited a good looking well-hung 20yo black guy back to our apartment. We were all reasonably drunk and she ended up fucking him in front of me, making me watch. Right after he came in her pussy she told me it was my turn. I hesitated to put my cock in her cum filled creampied pussy, but when I did I felt amazing, feeling how stretched out she was from his big black cock. The creamy slickness of her pussy was awesome! As I fucked her, seeing another man’s cum on my dick was a real turn on. I blew my load really quickly, she now had a double creampie. I’m really keen for her to cuckold me again and let me fuck her sloppy seconds creampie using the BBC cum as lube.

Amber Blank – Cuckold

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